Cinnamon Twists

Hilda's Birthday and Book Launch CakePlank Road Cinnamon Twists from the Country RoseSome book clubs serve food appropriate to the book  they are reading.   When my son’s class read To Kill a Mockingbird, students were asked to bring Southern food to class for the final discussion.   So when it came time for the Plank Road Summer book launch, it seemed only right that we serve cinnamon twists.

In Plank Road Summer, a teamster says to another traveler,  “Now you’ll have a rare treat.  From Janesville to Racine and back again, you won’t find cinnamon twists like those of the Mather Inn.”   That’s just the beginning of the leitmotiv–we’ll leave it to readers to find the rest of the references.

In our search for cinnamon twists for the book launch, we went straight to The Country Rose, a restaurant and bakery beside the grove of oak trees that once sheltered Katie and Florence’s school.  And Rose came through with delicious cinnamon twists, which were devoured by family, friends, and all who attended the celebration.  Said my son, “They taste awesome.  You should get more of them.”

As an additional surprise, Mom asked The Country Rose to make Hilda’s birthday cake.   Her cake was a reproduction of the book cover, which looked too beautiful to eat–although that didn’t stop us from doing so later that evening, back at the McEachron homestead.

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