A Plank Road!

Authors Emily and Hilda Demuth on a plank road!

Authors Emily and Hilda Demuth on a plank road!

Emma, an "unknown Laura" and Olivia on the plank road at the Dousman Stagecoach Inn
Emma, an “unknown Laura” and Olivia on the plank road at the Dousman Stagecoach Inn

Though Hilda might deny it, I believe we were giddy with delight when we first walked along the plank road by the Dousman Stagecoach Inn.   Never before had we been able to point to a plank road when describing our book to potential readers.

The “Days Gone By” event sponsored by the Elmbrook Historical Society put us right in front of an inn along a plank road and even provided girls running about in prairie dresses.  In truth, the girls were dressed up for a Laura Ingalls Wilder contest–but we couldn’t help but think of our characters Katie McEachron and Florence Mather when we saw them.   Unfortunately, one of our Lauras in the photo got away before we could identify her.

Spending an afternoon in Brookfield, Wisconsin, among people who keep history alive warmed our hearts, despite the chill of the day that made signing books difficult.  Many thanks to the volunteers at the Inn, and to the parents who brought their children to the event.  Someday those children will be the ones passing our shared history to future generations.

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One thought on “A Plank Road!

  1. Patrick and I have participated in the Civil War School Day at the Dousman Inn, but never paid attention to the planks! We’ll walk on it next spring with a new appreciation. I love the way you are sharing your story and making connections.

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