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Escape with a Good Book

How many of us have curled up under an afghan on a cold winter day and escaped into the pages of a good book?   A book could take me from a farmhouse in Wisconsin to a tropical island, a medieval castle, or west on the Oregon Trail. I could escape place or time while reading.

These days I have similar adventures while writing books.  “I’m sorry, my mind is in 1871,” I’ve said to my family.  I see a car driving past on the street, but in my mind I’m hearing a horse’s hooves clopping along the road.  I find myself trying to readjust to the present after I’ve been dwelling in another century.

Isn’t this what good literature does? It takes us out of one world and into another.  And when a book speaks truths that transcend time, we have a treasure indeed. Take time this winter to curl up with a good book.  And when the warm weather comes, save a little time for Plank Road Summer.  We hope you will enjoy an escape to the past–and perhaps even be touched in the present.

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