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The Mother of All Book Clubs

Last Saturday evening Emy and I were guest authors at a meeting of a church book club in Racine, Wisconsin.  This congenial group meets once a month for a potluck supper and book discussion.  The ages of the members span a good five decades, and the pastor himself attends the meetings.

Not many authors travel to book events with their mothers, but ours serves as our financial manager and publicist.  And when Mom gets us a gig, she likes to attend the event.

Author Emily Demuth enjoying a meal inspired by Plank Road Summer.

Mom, Emy, and I were among the first to arrive at the parish house across the street from Pentecost Lutheran Church.  And then the club members began to arrive, each bearing a dish–and the dishes kept coming and coming and coming.   We learned that club member Kathy McGregor generally prepares fare from the book to be discussed that evening.

Plank Road Summer provided plenty of choices, for the book club supper included Cornish pasties, fried chicken, scones, strawberry preserves, cinnamon twists, and fresh-squeezed lemonade.  How the settlers of Yorkville would have enjoyed this meal–Emy and Mom and I certainly did.

The club members had plenty of questions for us, and their response to our book was gratifying indeed. Emy and I agreed afterward that we regretted only one thing about the entire evening: we wish we had talked less and listened more.

Many thanks to the Pentecost Lutheran Book Club for the  hospitality.  The food and fellowship were both outstanding.  Fueled by the prospect of another such gathering, Emy and I went straight home to work on our sequel.

Thanks also to Tim Hasko for inviting us and, of course, to Mom for being our number one fan.

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