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Of Inns and Castles

Whenever Emily and I are in a housecleaning frenzy, we say that we are “Vin Mathering.”  Often I would like to summon Mrs. Mather to set all the rooms to rights and take over the kitchen and make my home ready for guests.  At such times I wish I had as much energy and passion for housekeeping as did Lavinia Mather of the Mather Inn.

This weekend I am Vin Mathering in preparation for a gathering to celebrate the launch of my historical novel Kingdom of the Birds.  This new book also features a good housekeeper.  Hermina lives in a mountaintop castle in the Thuringian Forest instead of a Wisconsin inn along a plank road, and she welcomes visiting knights and minstrels instead of farmers and teamsters.

My own home is no castle, and I have spent considerably more time creating characters who keep house than keeping house myself.  However, since neither Vin Mather nor Hermina is likely to show up to help, I must end this entry and go off in search of a broom.

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